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the legend of bungah

The Legend Of Bungah Village

The famous of village named Bungah is no doubt. Bungah Village have been around 500 years ago. Kyai Gede was the first person who spread the religion of Islam in the Bungah Village. Kyai Gede Bungah wa student from Sunan Ampel and Sunan Giri. Before spreading the teachings of Islam in this village, he first arrived in the Ngampel Village, opposite the Bungah Village. There he spreaded Islam
with sell the tobacco, because most people there was like ngudud (smoking). There he managed to teach Islam to the people of Ngampel well, so he has quite a lot of students.
         Because he was not satisfied with simply spreading the Islamic religion in the Ngampel Village. Finally, he decided to go and spread the religion of Islam in other villages. And in Bungah village, he decided to spread the teachings of Islam. He spread the teachings of Islam in this Bungah village, first , by utilizing the youth as his successor generation. Pleasure to see young people who owned and flower gardens made by Kyai Gede, making him want to spread the teachings of Islam to the youth. Who would they be trusted to disseminate the teachings of the religion which he taught them. The villager was happy to see the park created by the Kyai Gede Bungah. People who are happy to see the park Bungah told about Islam and also be invited to Islam by Kyai Gede Bungah. It turned out the way in which he is powerful enough to Islamize societies in Desa Bungah. This was evidenced by the many people who converted to Islam in this Bungah village and nearly 100% of people in this village Bungah embraced Islam.
       Similarly, when the village Ngampel, in the village this Bungah he also has many students. Religious teachings that he taught easily siterima by the surrounding community, as he spread the religion of Islam in the schools of Aswaja (Ahlussunnah wal Jama'ah). He set up a mosque in the village Bungah, which is now the mosque was widely known by the public as the Jami' Kyai Gede Bungah mosque. So, it did’n can be denied again that he has made a large contribution in the teaching of Islam to every person in this village. Therefore, for every now and then he was called by the village and other villages Bungah as Mbah Kyai Gede, because he was a great religious scholars for the citizens of this village. He was buried behind the mosque that he established with the villagers was Jami’ Kyai Gede mosque.
The name of Bungah was toke from Bungah which means happy, because the people of Bungah Village was happy if  see the flower garden created by the Kyai Gede Bungah.

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